Welcome to Thoughts From The Coffee Table!

You might say this is my Blog, but it is a little different than you might be used to.  In these stories, I seek to promote and highlight the best examples I find of leadership, sales, customer experiences, and humanity.

I am looking for those of us performing to our best.

I publish every Monday through Friday, except holidays. Everyone, including me, needs and deserves a day off!

Why do I call it Thoughts From The Coffee Table?  I found myself sitting down on my couch to write this each morning, coffee at the ready on my coffee table.  I began to see these morning minutes of quiet as my shock of inspiration.  It seemed right.

If you like what you read, please leave a comment.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do….

I Want My Cake & To Eat It Too!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: What do you suppose he thinks about all day? I was recently having a conversation about the art of negotiation. We negotiate all day in so many ways. Some are (seemingly) minor negotiations, like kids trying to avoid eating vegis or the couple who argues over who will take out…


Round One!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: My knuckles are bleeding. And I couldn’t be happier! OK, that’s stretching the truth. My knuckles are a little skinned up. There was actually no blood involved. Yet. December 1 I had to admit that I had made virtually no progress towards my bold statement to be in the best…


I Want a Snow Day!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: What does this pic bring to mind? Fun. Snow days. Friends. Freedom. Snow came to Philly this weekend, and Sunday I came across three kids busily creating snowballs that, due to the water content and the rapidly plummeting temps, would soon become ice-balls. I’m not going to lie. I immediately…


Triple Word Score!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Last month I had an idea… I know. It doesn’t happen often. Don’t remind me. Need more coffee. But as I settled into enjoy a long holiday season, I kept thinking about all the incredible small business owners I know. People who are working their tails off, but still struggling…


A Cocktail A Day

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I made my first attempt at a blog 8 years ago. Called A Cocktail a Day. It was a tough assignment. My pursuit was to find amazing cocktails along with an exceptional customer experience. My blog became the inspiration which will soon be my second published book. “Sales Mixology –…


The Value of Change

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: How much is change worth? Change (n) – Coins as opposed to paper currency. Change (v) – Make or become different. Every year I spend one day tracking how I spend every minute of my workday in order to see where I am losing time. Once it allowed me to…


You Never Know Where A Smile Could Go

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: You never know where a smile could go. I wandered through SEA airport Sunday, trying to hit 10k steps before spending hours sitting on planes. Throughout the terminals, musicians were setting up ready to soothe stressed out travelers. The sign said Emily McVicker. She had not sung a note yet.…


I Want to Be A Unicorn

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I want to be a unicorn. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 weeks. I put my business in vacation mode, spent time with family, including 10 days with my son and grandbabies. Now I am exhausted yet energized. But something amazing happened over these last 14 days. My creativity…


Going Wired-Less

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Would you give up your smartphone for a year?   Vitamin Water announced a contest. Give up your phone and tablet for 365 days and you could walk away with $100k. I had to enter. After all, I just finished the Year of the Gold Star. How hard is a…