Welcome to Thoughts From The Coffee Table!

You might say this is my Blog, but it is a little different than you might be used to.  In these stories, I seek to promote and highlight the best examples I find of leadership, sales, customer experiences, and humanity.

I am looking for those of us performing to our best.

I publish every Monday through Friday, except holidays. Everyone, including me, needs and deserves a day off!

Why do I call it Thoughts From The Coffee Table?  I found myself sitting down on my couch to write this each morning, coffee at the ready on my coffee table.  I began to see these morning minutes of quiet as my shock of inspiration.  It seemed right.

If you like what you read, please leave a comment.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do….

The Recipe for Love

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: There is a reason that some recipes stand the test of time. They are dependable and satisfying. Twice a year I get sucked into the vortex of the Hallmark Channel. Yep, I admit it. Flagrantly sappy love stories that put a romance novel into 2 hours. Wait, I’m sorry. We…


Soup for You!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: If executed properly, a loss leader can be a valuable sales strategy. After all, getting a person in your door (or to your website) is the first hurdle of sales. A successful small purchase, something free in hand, greases the wheel and wallet. With all the rich history in Philly,…


Happy Golden Anniversary!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I became a Marriott Rewards member about 25 years ago, on my first business trip. Happy Golden Anniversary to me! My husband and I tell people we have a mixed marriage. I am Marriott Lifetime Platinum and he is Hilton Diamond. Not lifetime though. I lord that over him whenever…


What a Tangled Web…

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I’m so busy that I can’t get anything done! So I took a break to find Focus and Balance. I am working on 4 major projects right now. I made the decision to let a couple things go by the wayside (like this daily post) for the last 2 weeks…


Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Business meets Altruism meets Disrupter = Why Didn’t I Think of That? If you want to see my head explode then say “But that’s the way we’ve always done it!” I actually forbade people to say it in my presence for awhile, but it never stopped them thinking it. Yet…