Welcome to Thoughts From The Coffee Table!

You might say this is my Blog, but it is a little different than you might be used to.  In these stories, I seek to promote and highlight the best examples I find of leadership, sales, customer experiences, and humanity.

I am looking for those of us performing to our best.

I publish every Monday through Friday, except holidays. Everyone, including me, needs and deserves a day off!

Why do I call it Thoughts From The Coffee Table?  I found myself sitting down on my couch to write this each morning, coffee at the ready on my coffee table.  I began to see these morning minutes of quiet as my shock of inspiration.  It seemed right.

If you like what you read, please leave a comment.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do….

Advice – 10 Cents!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Is there value in something for free? How much is time and talent worth? I heard about a woman who earned $1 million writing resumes via Fiverr, starting at $5 each. Being the inquisitive person I am, I had to know more and went to the site to see what…


Couch to Mental 5K

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: “Hey there awesome runner! Have a great run!” Simple words, part of a computer program. It could feel cold or sterile, but instead they fill me with confidence. A sense of belonging. Inspiration. Positivity. Motivation. I recently spoke to a woman who couldn’t stop gushing about how much she enjoyed…


Bun on the Run

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Some people dream of driving the Oscar Mayer WeinerMobile. They are called Hotdoggers. Long ago I was hired for an amazing job in pharma hospital sales. The competition is tough, the training even tougher, but the company car made it all worth it. During training I was surrounded by some…


Planting Seeds for Balance

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: There is a side to city life that you can become blind to. Garbage. Graffiti. Dirt. There is a side of “working for a living” that you can become numb to. Politics. Deadlines. Stress. I always stress the importance of work/life balance, and I try to model it myself. But…


How Sweet it Is!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I am in a race, and my need for perfection is costing me the prize. I have brought the rural to my urban life. In cohort with my neighbor, we have built an amazing garden in an alley behind our homes. The alley is older than our homes which were…


I’m King of the World!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: “As long as you have altitude and ideas, you’re ok. And we had both.” That quote is from Capt. Tammie Jo Shults who, along with her co-pilot Darren Ellisor, safely landed the Southwest plane in Philly. They needed altitude to be able to have time to control the descent, and…


Hardwork & Tomatoes

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Are your tomatoes organic? There is a homeless man who, whenever you see him, is busy cleaning the streets of Philadelphia. He picks up trash, pulls weeds, and clears storm drains. He is always working, making the city bright. He survives on the tips that people give him for his…


What Big Teeth You Have!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: You are the Wolf to my Vegetation. Last night I received a cryptic message from someone who once worked for me, sending me a a YouTube link to “How Wolves Change Rivers.” Apparently I was her wolf. I was a little alarmed. I thought she liked me! I even modeled…


All I Want is World Peace!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: All I want is world peace. I love interviews. I love being interviewed. I love interviewing others. I love the thrill of not knowing exactly what to expect and having to think and respond quickly and appropriately. And I also have this macabre desire to quote from Miss Congeniality. “And…


Give Your Mother The Gift of Sanity

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I only diet when my pants don’t fit. I refuse to buy bigger pants. Although I still haven’t found my gym “home” yet, I have been extra focused on upping my exercise (thank you Couch to 5k app), eating right, sleeping enough, and all the things that I never did…