Tell Me More was my first published work in July of 2016.  Focused on my core leadership principles, my book has applications in both your personal and professional life.

The principles of Tell Me More are told in story format through the eyes of the primary character, Maria Sanchez.  Maria is an experienced and successful manager moving into the role of CEO for a national vision-care company.  Through her journey she recognizes that she must empower her team if the company is going to move from complacency into growth-mode.  With the help of a speaker and consultant, Jane Smith, she employs the Tell Me More strategy to get her team to embrace new concepts, to empower themselves, and to empower the people that report to them.

My premise is that most employees can be better trained, motivated and developed by using a simple strategy, called Tell Me More. This strategy allows managers and leaders to better understand the mindset and challenges of their employees by listening them, helping them to “unpack” the challenges they face, and empower them to make better decisions.  This empowerment leads to a stronger employee with a greater sense of commitment to the company and to the mission of their jobs.

Many managers, especially those new to management, often believe that their job is to have all the answers and to force compliance.  This only leads to a dissatisfied employee and a negative work environment.

I seek to make people proficient in a strategy that is simple, but not easy.  It is easier to jump in and give guidance and direction rather than helping an employee to understand and reach solid decisions on their own.  But the reward for this method is extremely loyal employees who are committed both to the manager, and to the company.