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How to Ask the Right Questions and Get the Most Out of Your Employees

What type of leader are you? What type of leader do you want to be?
What leaders have served as the foundation builders for how you operate today?

Leadership is more than a catchphrase. It is a discipline that impacts your bottom line. Whether you are a for-profit company or a non-profit organization, healthy leadership is vital to your success. It is easy to be blind to the strengths and weaknesses of your own leadership abilities.




These three simple words form the basis for this interactive workshop.

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Through them, we will tackle how to: 

• Enhance leadership effectiveness
• Deal with conflict
• Turn around under-performing employees
• Develop a bench of leaders
• Improve results 

We Will Also Cover:

• Identify your key strengths, areas for improvement, and desired leadership presence
• Understand the role that active listening plays in being heard in a whole new way
• Leave with strategies that you can implement immediately in both your professional, and personal life

I was able to implement in a client meeting the next day!

“Michael was the Moderator and Guide for the Digital Health Marketing Summit in Philadelphia. She did a terrific job keeping energy levels high, engaging the audience, and providing useful insights and talking points throughout. She also shared her “Tell Me More” philosophy, which I was able to implement in a client meeting the next day. Kudos to her!”

Nan Halperin
Business Development Manager, 
North America at Science Photo Library

Are you ready to discover the best strategies for effectively leading and growing your team?

Sales Mixology

Why the Most Potential Sales and Customer Experiences Follow a Recipe for Success

 It is easy to say that you put your customer first.

But what does your customer have to say about that?

In a world where we ask our customer one question, “Based on your experience today, are you likely to refer others to our business?” aren’t we really more concerned about a rating rather than an experience?

Sales Mixology tackles customer experiences, and the sales process, through a different lens. What do your front-line employees say about your company when you aren’t looking? 

In this fun and interactive session, we tackle expectations of truly compelling customer service, and identify the elements your business needs to have today to make that happen.

During This Session, We Will Cover:

• Identify your desired customer experience and reflect on how you are measuring that today
• Understand the BLEND strategy and apply it to your company
• Leave with strategies that you can implement immediately throughout your organization

Michael has this special ability to bring that critical aspect of engagement to a training session almost instantly.

“When you think about what you expect from speakers or trainers, usually you are prepared to sit and be talked at, at least for a large portion of the session. However, although she has total command of what is happening, Michael has her audience volunteering and speaking almost instantly, so that the session feels more like a discussion than a lecture. Her genuine curiosity and excitement to hear her audience’s opinions is contagious, and even those who normally would not have participated find themselves opening up and adding their voice to the larger group. The encouragement to “ell me more” may seem to be a simple lesson, but the value of active listening and team collaboration is understood in a new light that encourages future behaviors with the potential to have a lasting impression on any team or group of leaders.”

Stephanie Bedus
Business Development Manager,
LUSH Cosmetics Philadelphia

Are you ready to increase your sales and improve your customer experience?