Shock Your Potential

For Leaders & Managers: Keynote (45-90 minutes) | Breakout Sessions (up to 1 day) See Michael in Action

Whether you are looking for a keynote, add-on presentation or specialty training, your team will be able to apply these leadership principles immediately. A business is built on more than a product, idea or service. It is built on people.

Unfortunately (it may seem at times) people are human.

Being human means that sometimes we have tunnel vision with our teams, co-workers, vendors and customers. We can try to give the best sales pitch verbatim from the training materials. We can push through an idea or initiative because we are afraid to fail. We can do a lot of things with the right intentions, but still fall short of objectives.

Why? Because most of the time we are not focused in the right direction.

I take participants through a simple process that builds the strength of their leadership skills. These skills are just as appropriate for the executive management team as they are for the front-line sales professional. But we often don’t employ these skills with frequency, accuracy, and adaptability.

That is what I teach.

I will show you how one simple leadership skill will improve every aspect of your company’s performance.

Together We Will

  1. Define Success for the Company
  2. Define Success as a Leader
  3. Understand the critical role of Active Listening – Tell Me More
  4. Unpack the Issue
  5. Facilitate a Solution

My presentation style is engaging, at times funny, and always memorable.  I capture attention by poignant stories and real-life examples of both great leadership successes and epic failures.  I enjoy shocking my audience at times as a means of highlighting how our preconceptions and tunnel vision can disrupt success.  And I make sure that no one ever forgets my message.