Shock Your Potential

Shock Your Potential

The 8-Step Process for Creating a Path to Your Ultimate Potential

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Do you have big goals for yourself?

Get that C-Suite position. Start your own business. Sell your idea that will make you famous?

In this interactive session we will show you how to get there. We show you how to implement the SHOCK method to reach your coveted objective. By putting these strategies into practice, you will see your goals realized quickly and effectively.

Here’s What We Will Cover:

• Identify your goal clearly and set realistic timing for achievement
• Leave with an eight-step SHOCK strategy to achieve your goals; and
• Identify the Accountability Partner that will help keep you on track

Are you ready to Shock Your Potential?


Our group loved how engaged and interactive Michael was with them.   

“She brought an awesome energy to the room and lots of brightness. They also really liked how she was able to walk-through real-life scenarios that our group was facing. That part I was also one of my favorites as she showed us how to approach leadership issues both personally and professionally. Sometimes we have to remember to take a step back and ask ourselves questions from the other person’s point of view!”

Ashley Nasca
Coordinator, Education & Membership Program
National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD)

Michael shocked me speechless! 

“She delivered a webinar that was so full of good content and great information that we will re-broadcast it. Michael really delivered an impactful presentation full of practical information and direction for everyone to make life-changing moves to go further and achieve greater potential. On top of great content, Michael is a pleasure to work with and cares about her clients and building relationships. I can’t say enough about her and look forward to working with her again.”

Jen Linke
Vice President of Brand Management,
Federated Group

Michael is a delightful speaker!  

“Last night’s presentation to our organization by Michael Sherlock was a rousing success. She is a delightful presenter, knowledgeable about her topic, and with a gift for presenting. I would strongly recommend her to any group seeking an outstanding presenter.”

Howard Stephen Berg 
President of the Rotary E-Club of North Texas Rotary

Are you ready to Shock Your Potential?