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You Are the Most Important Ingredient

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You know those times when you read a book that really speaks to you?  Or the times that you have listened to a speaker or trainer that really seemed to understand you and the issues you face every day in your professional life?  Or the times that a conversation with someone, maybe even a stranger on a plane, leaves you feeling energized and excited about life again?

That is what I strive to do, every day.  I want to be the person that you remember because I understood you.  Because I listened to you.  And most importantly, because I shocked you.

I am used to shocking people every day.  People are shocked by when they find out I am a woman named Michael.  People are shocked when they see a crazy color in my hair.  People are shocked when I break out into song or dance in the middle of a presentation.  Heck, I have even been known to thrown in jazz hands a time or two!  But when I am focused on the development of people, their business and their customers, you will always know that I am serious.

People are shocked by the simple strategies I guide them through to achieve their potential as individuals, leaders, departments, organizations or companies.  The strategies I teach are simple.  But they are never easy.  Growth and change takes dedication and focus.  I teach serious business.  But I know that you will never forgot how I deliver the message.  I promise we’ll have fun!

I create sessions that are designed for your business, about your business, and about your team.  Whether I am speaking in front of hundreds at a trade convention or leading a small-group training, YOU are the most important ingredient.

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“Michael is a born leader and trainer. I’ve known her since Kindergarten, so one might say I am a biased “old friend.” That is not true. At a young age she had organizational skills others did not. She also held an authentic, compassionate capacity to call people out when necessary even as a teen! (I may or may not have been a recipient of said calling out.) As the time has passed, despite years and miles, I have witnessed her innate diligence blossom into mature leadership and inspiration to others both professionally and personally. Expect her to inspire and challenge you! This is what Michael does best.”

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Lisa Simpson
Communications Professional and Old Friend

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“This book pertains to improving leadership skills by drilling down into issues using the “Tell me more” technique, which gets “all the cards on the playing table”. Using this fresh approach, the leader’s facilitation enables their direct-reports to figure out how to address various situations. The end result is that the subordinate gains confidence, ownership, and more buy-in with the resolution, which in turn benefits the leader. This technique could be used in any coaching capacity. The book is easy & enjoyable reading, which helps after a full day of work!”

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Nanette L. Steffenhagenon
On Michael’s Book: Tell Me More

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I was part of a sales workshop with Michael earlier this year, and was extremely impressed. Having been involved in the sales industry for over 10 years, I thought I had learned most of what there is to know about getting the best out of your people. But I was wrong. Michael’s approach is unique, and so easy to understand and implement. Her theory of “Tell me more” has made things so much easier in my role, and her approach to getting the best from your people is one of the best I have seen. I would recommend Michael to anyone interested in refreshing their sales teams, or looking to get more from their business.

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Tom Owens
Hidden Hearing Ireland

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When you seek an outside speaker and trainer you want, and need, a return on your investment.  You need an expert that will make a difference today with takeaways that your group can apply immediately.

I am that person.

I take my leadership principles and apply them directly to your company needs and objectives.  Your mission becomes my mission.  Whether I work with you for an hour or a day, you will see results the moment your group walks out the door.

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“No one’s sense of urgency ever matches my own.”  – Michael Sherlock