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The Business Podcast focused on Excellence in Leadership, Sales, and the Customer Experience

Shock Your Potential Podcast is the place where you can learn from masters in business leadership, sales, and the customer experience.  On this podcast, we highlight the greatest examples in business today. Listen in as guests share their successes and challenges in an open and honest environment.

Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Michael!

Yes, shocking isn’t it.

Don’t let the color of my hair fool you.

I am very serious about leadership. Throughout my career, I have been successful in dealing with serious business issues by crafting them in a way that is fun, relatable, and memorable. I describe what I do as Serious Business Training with Flair.

On the Shock Your Potential Podcast, we discuss the biggest issues that both businesses and individuals face today. Listen in as each of my guests shares their successes and challenges in an open and honest environment.

Through these conversations I have learned so much that continues to impact my professional journey, and has introduced me to hundreds of new and amazing connections.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do every taping!

Latest Episodes

Laugh at Your Mind Chatter – Jamie Lerner

Is it possible to turn your biggest nightmare into your greatest pleasure? Our guest today says Yes!Jamie Lerner is co-author of the book The Ever-Loving Essence of You and a therapist who helps people to reframe themselves and t…

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Having a Backup Plan – Christine Blackledge

Do you have a backup plan? If not, our guest today has a unique business plan that might just be perfect for you.Christine Blackledge is s a mother of four, a law student and as a businesswoman specializing in the care recruitment sector and Healthcare …

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Turning Negatives Into Positives – Trey Adams

Can you turn negatives into positives? Our guest today certainly can, and wants to help you do it as well. Trey Adams, also know as The Lone Wuf (and yes, he knows that’s not how you spell wolf) wants to motivate you to be a P2D3. A Positive, Productive …

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Capitalizing on Your Strengths – Margy Feldhuhn

Do you have an ownership mindset regarding who you work for? Our guest today certainly does. In fact, she was so passionate about the mission and vision of the company that she worked for that she asked to become a 50% owner during her first annual perfo…

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The Body Whisperer – Melanie Weller

What is your body trying to tell you? Our guest today can help you figure that out. Melanie Weller is the world’s leading expert in opening the door to health, performance, and innovation through the vagus nerve.In today’s episode we discuss the importa…

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Get Off the Marketing Hamster Wheel – Margie Agin

Think you have a good marketing strategy? So What? That’s the question that our guest today asks each of her clients in the process of helping them to shock their potential.Margie Agin is an award-winning marketer and the Founder and Chief Strategist fo…

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What Is Your Noble Purpose?- Lisa Earle McLeod

Does your work have a Noble Purpose? Our guest today will help you to uncover and embrace yours, thus allowing you to celebrate that no matter the industry, your work does have meaning.Lisa McLeod is the global expert on purpose-driven business and the …

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Ride the Wave.Video – Kate Skavish

You have only 7 seconds to capture attention with your social media videos. Our guest today makes sure you use those seconds wisely.Kate Skavish is an entrepreneur and serves as the Chief Visionary Officer at Kate is responsible for facilita…

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The Power of Content- Veronica Sagastume

How important is content in your marketing strategy? According to our guest today, it can truly make or break your business.Veronica Sagastume is an ex-corporate CFO turned content marketing strategist with a passion for helping accounting, bookkeeping,…

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