Shock Your Potential


Oysters Done Right!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Along the side of the Shoreline highway is an unassuming place that you could miss if you are driving too fast. The Marshall Store (coincidentally in Marshall, CA) has a very limited menu, of things it does exceptionally well. Stand in line to place your order and then find a

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One Step at a Time

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Nothing worthwhile comes without effort. And sometimes the struggle seems insurmountable. I pondered this concept while walking the 308 steps and multiple steep walkways down (and up again) to the Point Reyes Lighthouse in CA last week. The sign warns you before your journey that the trip will be the

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Thoughts from the Coffee Table: Earlier this week I popped into a L’Occitane store in center city Philly. I’ve been on a slow search for a better eye cream and had a vague memory of a sample I received once in an airport. What I did NOT expect was to meet Connor! I am fairly

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Weekly Loot

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: This is my loot from walking my husband to work this morning. That brings my weekly total to $.13 thus far and it’s only Wednesday! I have always wanted to know how much I find in a year, but the container I keep it in indicates I might be doing

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Bath & Body Works

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: Thanks to a post by Melissa Torres, I had no choice but to go in search of these items in my local center city Philly Bath & Body Works. In my continued research on the customer experience, this time I was going for product only. As I entered the store

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Starbucks – Philly

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: Monday Morning Mugs with Michael – Ok, so this is clearly not a mug. But after going into my neighborhood Starbucks on 20 & Callowhill in Philly, I had no choice. Upon walking in the door I was greeted by a bright smile from Claude (according to his name tag).

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