Shock Your Potential



You Reap What You Sow

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: The strongest seeds will sprout anywhere.

A successful leader knows you need to have the right people in the right positions doing the right things. And the most important element of that is having the right person.

If the right person is in the wrong position, it is your responsibility to get them there. The right person doing the wrong things requires your training and support.

I have almost missed the boat on this twice in the last weeks.

I have a remote team of incredible people. They are the right people. And one of them I had not trained correctly, and another I had in the wrong position.

This is a humbling moment for me and a realization that distraction of any leader by multiple projects does not absolve you of your responsibility to nurture, support and develop your team. Nor does it release you from the commitment to pay attention to them.

Walking in my urban garden I found sunflowers sprouting between the bricks. I had carefully planted them earlier and thought I lost them all to the squirrels. Yet here they are, stretching for the sun. Forgotten by me, but not giving up their drive to grow.

I am thankful that my team shares, speaks and voices their needs. Keeping my attention exactly where it needs to be.

Growing, despite me.

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