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Penelope at door

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me…

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I always feel like somebody’s watching me.

We gained a furry family member on the first day of lock-down. Penelope was one of several felines at the Cat Cafe in Philly that needed to be fostered while the business was closed.

It took us about 4 mins and 32 secs to decide to adopt her. Apparently that makes us “foster failures.”

She is very nosy. Can open closet doors with her paws. And wants to be near us all the time. On her terms.

When she is a no-cuddle mood, I try not to offend her. When she want to be pet, I comply. I listen to her.

As we move about the world again, I am very cognizant of how everyone has their own terms for being near others. These personal terms will impact how we conduct business.

Before I went to Singapore and Bangkok last year I studied their business culture. I was so impressed by how to present a business card that I still do it today, no matter where I am.

Now we enter a completely new realm of interactions. Elbow bump vs. handshake. Mask vs. no-mask. In-person vs. virtual. And in each case we have to respect the individual.

They solution? Communication. Simply ask.

It is easy to make assumptions. Each of us has our beliefs. Our comfort zone. Our own terms. So does every one else.

And the world is watching.

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