Shock Your Potential


Body Butter

Please Send Body Butter!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: If it worked for the Granny that wanted Coors Light, maybe it will work for me too!

I accidentally did 3 things right before #StayAtHome. Got my hair done. Bought extra Trader Joe’s salsa verde. And stocked up on The Body Shop body butter.

Now 47 years into this exile (ok, a wee bit dramatic), I’ve died my own hair (don’t tell my stylist), am on my last jar of salsa and nearly out of body butter left. How will I ever survive???

A friend confided that he worries constantly about his job but puts a brave face for his team. He refuses to let them see his fear yet has been robbed of a good night’s sleep for weeks.

So many struggling but smiling to hide their fear.

I broke the stress-induced teeth grinding, jaw clenching sleep habit many years ago. People ask how I am doing, and I say “Livin’ the dream.” Yet I wake these days with an aching jaw from a habit that has returned unbidden.

I have enough food, safe shelter, a loving partner, and a new feline family member. I am beyond fortunate. I am blessed.

To everyone forging ahead, keeping up a brave front while your gut is churning, you are not alone. We may run low on emotional salsa and mental body butter with more grey hair than we started with, but keep holding on.

We are almost there.

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