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Conference room chair

Leadership in Musical Chairs

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Grab a chair when the music stops. The last one standing is out.

I spent last week helping one of my clients pitch the company to potential investors. I had never done anything like it before, and it was absolutely fascinating. 

On the first day of the event, we arrived early, and were invited to wait in a stunning conference room. After settling in, grabbing coffee and getting the lay of the land, I walked back into our room, noticing that I had, without thought, taken the premium seat in the room.

Had we been expecting 20 people for a conference, I would have sat at the head of the table, right inside the door. Everyone would have had to file past me to reach their seats. Anyone entering, even seconds late, would catch the eyes of all. A sort of power play in musical chairs.

Where you sit in a room, and how you sit, tells much about you.

Confidence. Arrogance. Timidity. Openness. Distrust. Organized. Scattered. Weak. Strong.

I began to watch where and how others sat over the next few days. Watching every nuance. Reading body language. Comparing the nonverbal cues to spoken words.

Where we sit matters. How we sit matters. It tells a story. Especially when we do it without thinking.

What story are you telling? And what seat will you choose?

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