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I Am Awesome!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I love truth in advertising.

Kali Williams from my Mastermind group along with @Robbie Samuels, MSW and Denise Jacobs, urged us  to complete an exercise reflecting on 2019 and looking ahead to 2020.

Reflection always gives me pause. It often causes me to see only my failures, and not my successes. Why does it seem so much easier to look for mistakes than to pat yourself on the back?

This time has been different, however. I am keeping my eye on the positives. Where am I thriving? What am I really good at? What successes do I need to shout from the rooftops, if no other reason than to keep my own positivity high?

The sign on the door of the Sonder Shaker in Minneapolis made me laugh. It caught my attention and made me curious. Were they really awesome? After all, who is confident enough to lead with this kind of message?

But the food, craft cocktails, and service proved the truth of this message. They have reason to brag. They can back it up.

I am awesome. I am a dynamic and memorable speaker. I am passionate about leadership, sales and the customer experience. And I can back it up.

What are you really good at? How do you shine? Share it here. Let this community raise you up and remind you…..

That you are awesome! And everyone should know.

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