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The Calm Before the Storm

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: You should always rest between reps.

The days between Christmas and New Year always feel unproductive to me. I get antsy amongst the  chaotic travel, unmindful eating (and yes, I gave into every sweet and savory temptation, including the first rum cake I have made in 15 years), and lack of anything resembling exercise.

Add to the mix the often dreary days, grey and unchanging except for the random downpour or snow squall. And don’t forget the hours and hours of darkness…

But as I walked home the other day, at first depressed by the bleak and naked trees, another thought emerged.

The trees aren’t dead. They are simply resting. It’s all a matter of perspective.

The energy required for Spring to flourish months from now is immense. New life will burst through, much like a plane  on the runway. Revving its engines.

The build-up, the preparation, is vital to flight. Without it, we can’t take off.

I began to look at these days with a new lens.

Rest between reps. The necessary break between hard work, and more hard work. The moment where forward progress is only possible because of the willingness to wait. And breathe. And recover.

Wishing you all a glorious end to 2019, and the promise of anything in 2020 and beyond.

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