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A Mountain With a View

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: You can’t see the top of the mountain if you are flying below the clouds.

I have been busy reflecting on 2019 and planning for some incredible things for 2020. As I tell people about what is on my horizon, they are amazed. “That is incredible!” “You must be so excited!”

I found myself brushing some of the things off, downplaying their importance. “Well, you know, nothing is 100%.” “We’ll see how it goes.” 

It dawned on me this morning that I have been working so hard on so many things, that I have lost perspective on how far I’ve come. I have been looking down so much that I have forgotten to look up and look around. I haven’t been able to enjoy what is coming. What is now possible because of the steady climb.

Seeing mountains from 30k feet makes you feel small and giant at once. You see sights that are simply not possible from the ground.

Stepping back, taking a deep breath, and pausing to reflect gives us a window with a new view.

What great things have you accomplished in 2019 that you haven’t given yourself freedom to relish? What things in 2020 have you worked hard for, but don’t yet truly believe? What are you really looking at?

Break through the clouds in your line of sight. See the mountain. And cherish the climb!

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