Shock Your Potential


Hot Sauce

The Spice of Life

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: At times, I can be a bit saucy.

I was recently interviewed on Bob Clark‘s podcast “The Secret Sauce.” It got me thinking about how we all have something very special to share with the world, both personally, and professionally.

Wisdom. Time. Love. Energy. Attention. Talent. Dedication. Commitment. Skill. Passion. Intelligence.

It is easy sometimes to forget how unique we are, or that others around us are as well. We move fast to get things done, and get impatient when results move slower than we like it. Or when others don’t behave as we want them to.

Why can’t they just do it like I would?

Leaders are like chefs. You can’t make a dish with just one ingredient. You must blend ingredients and spices together to create a flavorful and satisfying dish. Sometimes even ingredients you don’t care for.

My friend Dan just gave me this hot sauce. I met him last year when he visited my home, and I impressed him with my collection of hot sauces. 

I had totally forgotten. But he hadn’t.

He remembered a quality about me that was unique, and wanted to celebrate it. 

What other spices are in your cabinet of colleagues? Salty? Sweet? Spicy?

And ask yourself…

Are you using them in your recipe for success? Or leaving them out on the counter to go stale?

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