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Bury The Hatchet

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Sometimes you just have to Bury the Hatchet.

Last week I attended the year-end celebration for MPI Philadelphia Area Chapter at Bury the Hatchet. Not only was this a really cool event in a totally unique venue, it made me think about how many things we really need to conscientiously let go of in order to transition into a new year.

I am not really into #newyearresolutions, but I do like to reflect on the wins and losses from the year in order to know what to continue to do, and what to quit doing, to make the next year even more successful.

There is something very powerful in the act of forgiveness. Towards others. Towards yourself. Letting the pain from those who have hurt or wronged you go, and learning to look at yourself in the mirror with kindness. 

This year I had some really incredible wins, shaping up to make 2020 a banner year. But some of those “wrongs” from the past still threatened to stifle my joy.

I don’t want that baggage in 2020.

So when I threw each axe, I vowed to let those grudges go. Each one punctuated with the thud of the axe on the wall.

Some went in, some bounced right off, and some were so far out of the circle as to not count.

But with practice and patience, two hit the bullseye. Making the reward worth the effort.

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