Shock Your Potential



A Shell Game

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Ocean front home for sale. Asking price: 3 sand dollars.

How do you take what you learn and use that knowledge to grow?

Self reflection is a beautiful gift, and, I believe, the most critical element for achieving your authentic potential.

Sometimes we like what we see in that mirror, and other times we do not. The difference is what we do with the information, either way. My happy place has always been near water.

I just spent 5 days alone in FL, in a condo with no WiFi or TV. I worked, walked and reflected.

On my last beach walk before heading to the airport, I came across hundreds of abandoned mollusk shells.

Mollusks continually build their homes around them as they grow, getting stronger and more secure over time. And yet, some things simply cannot be avoided. Red tide hit the area hard recently, and the beach told the sad story.

We can all build shells around us, hoping they protect us. And sometimes they do. But they can also give us false security.

Hermit crabs, however, adapt as needed, easily changing one home for another when necessary. They are constantly evaluating the safety and security of their current residence, while always on the lookout for the next fixer-upper.

Learning. Growing. And always adapting.

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