Shock Your Potential


Trick or…..What?

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I can be a real Grinch at Halloween.

Our neighborhood gets massive Halloween activity. Where I grew up it took hours to fill my pillow case, but in Philly, row homes and condos offer faster results.

There is something wonderful about kids dressed up, pandering for candy, even knowing that their parents will hide it away, dolling out one precious (and hard earned) bite-size bar at a time.

But the last few years I’ve noticed a severe lack in the sales process. 

Instead of the joyful clambering of “Trick or Treat!” yelled exuberantly, kids pile in front of my door, bags pressed out, silent and demanding. They do not follow the tried and tested sales question that will seal the deal.

Where have we gone wrong? This last vestige of the “door-to-door” sales process, which should be a slam dunk every time, is now reduced to a demand for results without any nod to the process.

We find this frequently today from front-line salespeople. “They were just looking” becomes an excuse for low sales results. Yet many ghouls and goblins tonight will be rewarded for poor process. 

So I have become “that lady” who demands the question. And those who need no prompting get extra.

Just my small effort to train the salesforce of tomorrow, one Kit-Kat at a time.

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