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stop light

Red Light – Green Light

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: If you think this looks bad, you should see the other guy!

There is a place I go for Happy Hour dinner frequently. The food is great, but the bartender is the reason I go. She is simply a spectacular person.

She confided in me that she was going to quit. The restaurant is under new management and the environment has become unbearable for her and for many others on the team. She’s been there for at least 7 years, so I know it must be bad for her to leave. She is one of the most solid, unflappable people I know.

Many of us have been there, done that, working in environments that are less than ideal. Sometimes even toxic. When bad behavior is allowed to continue, good people will leave. And the business will suffer.

What is always surprising to me, however, is how often leaders don’t see what is really going on.

I walked by this traffic light the other day. I stood there looking at it, trying to figure out how it happened. Seeing where is stands, on the corner of two one-way streets, it seems impossible. And yet it happened.

When my friend is gone, will the new managers know why? Will they reflect? Will they change? Will they even care?

Or will they proceed as if the problem was her?

Maybe the traffic light did it to it to itself after all.

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