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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want.

I belong to an entrepreneur group at the Pyramid Club in Philly. During my first meeting, the chair Don Campbell asked us, during introductions, to state clearly how the group could help us with our businesses.

I’ve thought about that simple statement often. Be clear in what you need. And if someone can help you, and likes you enough, they will.

How many times do we dance around what we need, afraid to cross a line? And yet, if we never ask, we are relying on hope that people will read our minds.

And we all know by now that hope is not a strategy.

This sign hung in my Lyft this morning, returning home from the MPI Philadelphia Area Chapter meeting. I was reflecting on how many incredible people I met this morning, all so willing to connect me with those who are looking for speakers. (Special shout out to Sharon DeFelices, CMP & Linda M. Jones, CMP, HMCC). 

The simple yet effective way this Lyft driver asked me for exactly what he needed, continued the theme. Clear, appropriate, and to the point with all the information I needed to make a decision. Of course he got 5 stars!

Even more powerful than asking for what we need, however, is asking how we can help.

And then giving it.

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