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6th house

I have a Sixth Sense About This

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I have a Sixth Sense about this.

I was talking to a colleague recently about his business. We are both speakers, trainers and authors, and are both adding new members to our teams.

Building a team is akin to pouring a foundation for a house. You must draft plans, build a structure and use the right materials in order to have a stable home.

I know many people who, when hiring, are in a hurry to get a body. They NEED someone, right now. I was there a few times myself in my previous corporate life.

Now I find myself moving slowly. Deliberately. Cautiously. But hopefully not too slowly. After all, you can’t debate forever. Sometimes you have to trust your gut. 

You might recognize this house. It played a critical role in The Sixth Sense. (I almost started this post with “I see dead people, but thought better of it.)

I walk by it often, and yesterday the sidewalk was closed by the retaining wall of the yard. It is bulging out in an alarming manner. I never saw the cracks before.

Initial hires are important. But even more important is the need to train, develop and monitor. Patch early. Constantly train. And yes, sometimes clear away the damage.

For my team to succeed, I need to give them as much as they give me. Continual structure and support.

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