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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I’d like to procrastinate, but I keep putting it off.

There are times when I have so many things going on that I find myself a little overwhelmed. And in those moments, I find other things to do than the things that most need to be done.

Today I must make forward progress on three major projects. And when I found myself lingering over the second cup of coffee, about to reach for my iPad, I stopped myself. 

I wanted to investigate my behavior. To reflect on it. To try to understand it rather than berate myself.

I think it is about control. Even with numerous wonderful things happening, I still worry about what is out of my control. My procrastination methods (with #1 going to Spider Solitaire) give me a sense of control, albeit a false one.

I know that by procrastinating, I am giving up control. I am a frame without a painting.

A frame alone is weak. It can’t stand much outside pressure. But when you fill it with canvas, the entire structure is stronger.

So today, without judgement, I got up and headed to my office. 

I know what I need to do. 

I am ready to tackle this day. One step, one keystroke, and one brushstroke at a time.

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