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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Sometimes you don’t know how far you’ve come until you look back at your own footprints.

Last weekend I went back home to WA for a wedding, and while I was there I had to say goodbye to a huge part of my past. After over 50 years, we sold our family lake cabin.

I spent every summer there until moving to the East coast, but maintaining a cabin that was well over 100 years old and built on a cliff, finally got to be too much. Too much work, too much money, too far away and never enough time. 

I walked down one more time, and realized I had forgotten about my little place in history. One handprint was covered years ago during repairs to the retaining wall, but the other hand and both feet tell a tale. I have traveled a long road. And it is an amazing journey.

I just released my second book, and it is still kicking butt.

This week the Kindle version of my first book is on sale for $.99, increasing a little each day until full price again next week.

Each step takes me farther on a path that the 1 year old Michael could never know.

And I suppose my writing is a new way for me to pour some new cement, take off my shoes, and leave my mark again.

How are you leaving your mark?

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