Shock Your Potential


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Let’s Take A Look Under the Hood

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Your reputation must stand the test of time. And the tongues of your employees.

Recently I was privy to flight attendants complaining about their jobs while we awaited takeoff.

I can understand someone complaining about their job while having a beer at the hotel bar (I still don’t suggest it), but complaining about your job, while doing your job, near your customers who can hear you clearly, blows my mind. 

I’ve been witness to it more times than I can count. I bet you have too.

Why is there often a disconnect between employees and their commitment to the success of a company? What are we missing when the people responsible for our bottom (and top) line don’t value the impact they have on the reputation of their employer?

This is the reason I wrote my second book.  We can change this. But how?

First, look in the mirror. It takes effort. A lot of it.

Strategic hiring and training practices. An unwavering dedication to excellence. Honesty when the company is off track. Leading by example to a higher expectation.

Changing culture takes more than a mandate. You can put new paint on an old car, but that still doesn’t mean it runs. 

You must open up the hood. Review. Fix. Update. Replace. 

And most importantly. Maintain.

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