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Gianna Sardone - Hilton Milan

Celebrate Excellence!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Celebrate Excellence! 

My hubby and I just returned from a glorious holiday. On a trip once to London, we heard “holiday” used for what we would call vacation. It stuck with us, reminding us to celebrate time away.

Although we packed a multitude of amazing memories in our days abroad, the travel days at the beginning and the end always prove exhausting.

We arrived at our Hilton Honors Milan hotel around 11am local time, on a 6 hour time change and with only 2 hours of sleep. In a sudden and quite soaking downpour.

We were hours before check-in and hoped only to park the car, drop our bags, find some lunch, and power through the day.

We were immediately greeted by Gianna Sardone, Guest Relations Manager. Her smile was like being welcomed into someone’s home. She took control of our chaotic challenges (rain, car, exhaustion), and gave us direction. And a room right away! The forthcoming nap was a life saver….

This was simply one of many outstanding experiences we had with Gianna over our 2 nights in her hotel. And although we had many other  wonderful adventures on the rest of our holiday, Gianna left a lasting and positive impact on us as customers. And as humans.

Her excellence should be celebrated, and her generous heart acknowledged. 

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