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NSA 19

Distance Gives You Perspective

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Distance gives you perspective. Close inspection provides clarity.

I just returned from nearly a week at the #Influence19 National Speakers Association annual conference, and once again, my perspective has been transformed.

Taking time out to work ON your business rather than IN your business is critical. Operating in the day to day “grind” can cause myopic sight. It is easy to loose the vision of the big picture when you are working on the details. 

But always looking at the big picture can also distract you from the individual steps that are vital to success.

Phil Hansen shared his story with us about Transforming Limitations into Opportunities. And through an incredible exercise (yes, that is my brilliant artwork below) challenged a few thousand of us to create 6 mini drawings. 

Phil took our miniature works of perfection and created a masterpiece.

The whole was not possible without the individual pieces. Yet get too close, and the individual pieces will blur the total sight.

As I settle back into work this morning, I am reminded of the ways I get too close, or remain too far. The challenge is to find the balance, walk that line, and appreciate both sides of a critical coin.

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