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Nama Chocolate Royce

For the Love of Chocolate

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: For the love of chocolate.

A few years ago my husband went to Japan on business, and he returned with the best airport gift ever. Two boxes of Royce Nama chocolate.

Little pillows of melty fudge, I was transformed. We limited ourselves to only one per day, savoring every glorious chocolate moment.

Then they were gone. I was lost.

My return flight from Singapore had a connection in Tokyo. I was on a mission. I practically ran off the plane and into the first store I could find, praying that these heavenly treats still existed. 

(I am kicking myself now for not getting the matcha green tea flavor to round out my selection)

You can find these on Amazon, for 3 times the price. No matter how much I love them, I won’t order them when they run out.

Not because of the price. But because the experience of anticipation, fear, and joy was priceless to me.

When I was a child, you could only buy Mug root beer  in Oregon, making our road trips there from WA all the more sweet. The concept of a “treat” meant something.

That not easily reached, holds great joy and satisfaction. 

I think I could sell line that to a fortune cookie company.

I’ve only had one piece of my new treasure so far. Relishing. Savoring. 

And enjoying every sweet taste of success.

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