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These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: These boots are made for walkin’.

Earlier this year I interviewed Matt Javit ✈️🌏 for my podcast, and he introduced me to the concept of and term for a “mid-career retirement.” Matt and his wife decided to take 2 years to travel the world at the height of their professional careers, and never looked back.

One of my brother-in-laws came to visit for the weekend. He is in the first month of his own mid-career retirement and couldn’t be happier.

Making a decision like that takes guts, and takes planning. Especially financial planning. But what a payoff!

I applaud people who take risks like this for their sanity. I am also a little jealous. But only in a good way. They looked at their lives, and the impact of their careers on their psyche, and said “I need a break.”

Career trajectories are changing. People enter and exit positions differently today. The concept of an entire career with one company is long gone.

Walking home from dinner I found these two boots, just like this. You can’t make this stuff up!

But I’ve wondered about them. Who left them? Where are their matches? Is this art?

Or did 2 people simply say “I’m done!” and walk away, freed from the expectations of boots, preferring a new life? In flip flops…

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