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Can You Have Your Cake AND Eat It Too?

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: What is perfection?

When my son was young I wanted to be the perfect mother. Each Spring a version of this cake adorned a magazine, and I always intended to make it. There seemed to be an inherent message that if I made it, it was physical proof that I loved my son.

But as a divorced and working mother, I always felt I fell short of even mediocre. I struggled with balance between the maternal and professional. So I tried for image in both.

We were invited to celebrate Easter dinner with friends. Our assignment was wine and dessert, and on a whim I decided to make this cake.

The young me would have spent hours trying to make it look perfect. The me of today wanted to make sure it tasted great. 

I laughed at my foibles with the coconut and the distraction of eating more jelly beans than made it on top. I added the cotton candy Peeps because I wanted to even though they look ridiculous. They are delicious!

My son is now a single parent raising two children and working his tail off. I know he feels the stress. What proves your love when you juggle so much?

Bedtime stories. Hugs and praises. The alphabet song sung in the car.

What proves your work? Genuine effort. Commitment to improve. Determination to work hard.

Content over image every time.

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