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The Squirrel Ate My Homework

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: The squirrels did it.

Over the last week my neighbor has been lamenting the squirrels who have been digging up the peas she planted on her deck. Each day I get new messages of frustration, and I have to admit that I didn’t really give her much sympathy. It didn’t affect me.

Yesterday I came home to find my newly emerging bachelor buttons devastated by the same band of squirrel bandits. My hard work (ok, the seeds I sprinkled on the soil last week) ruined by their need to forage. It wasn’t my fault.

We mock the line “the dog ate my homework” yet we all know the reality of a project that, despite all of your hard work and dedication, can get derailed by people, events and circumstances beyond our control.

And yet….were my decimated bachelor buttons out of my control? Was it really just the fault of the squirrel mafia?

Although my initial anger was at the squirrels, I had to admit, shamefaced, that my neighbor gave me all of the warning signs. And not once in all of our talks did I think “Perhaps I should worry about my flowers.”

When we overlook vital information because it doesn’t seem to apply, do we have any right to complain when disaster befalls? And knowing what I do now, would I do anything differently?

After all, we reap what we sow.

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