Shock Your Potential


Bryant Park

Ah Nuts!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Yesterday I played hooky.

It was a gorgeous NYC Spring day in Bryant Park. I enjoyed a leisurely lunch and some serious people watching.

I sat between two couples, one on an awkward first date, and the other a married couple ordering carrot cake. Without nuts. I don’t even think that is possible.

Through it all my server Abel was a joy. First date couple sent something back, which at least gave them something to talk about. Before that it was painful.

Married couple talked nonstop about the wife’s nut allergy and the potential of nuts in the cake. Eventually they decided there were nuts.

Through it all my server kept a smile, no matter what anyone threw at him. He had to feel frustrated, but I never saw it or heard it in his voice.

When nut man asked for a manager, Abel must have worried. But he gladly complied, and I was happy to hear the couple praise Abel while also announcing they would not pay for the cake (which was already eaten by now) since they had asked if it had nuts.

The manager was great, supportive of his team AND the customer. Abel was steady, never faltering. 

When things run off the rails, it is easy for your mood to take a dive. But not Abel. He made it look easy. And he proved that we are in control, if we choose to be.

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