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Don’t Hate Me Because I am Beautiful…

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: What mask shall I wear today?

I hate the phrase “Fake it ’til you make it.” It feels wrong. 

I do, however, talk about how to “Operate as if you are already there” in my SHOCK your Potential strategy. While striving for your greatest potential, investigate the daily habits of those that have already achieved what you want to. See which of those make sense for you and begin to implement them. 

Find new strategies, completely your own, and make them a part of your daily routine. 

Elizabeth Holmes chose to fake it, implementing the voice and dress of Steve Jobs. She lost herself. She wore a mask. If she would have operated like Steve Jobs instead, she might still have failed. Or she might have found new success.

I tried this gold face mask by Satin Smooth. I know. I look hot. But with it on, I began to reflect. (pun intended)

Sometimes it feels easier to wear the mask than do the hard work of the daily activities to operate at a higher level. 

I have recently been trying to take a short-cut in one area of my business, and was frustrated that it wasn’t working. Now I realize why.

Forcing an outcome, wearing the mask, trying to take a short-cut will never yield long-term results. So I will begin again, the right way.

And with much softer skin.

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