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What Is A 9 Iron Anyway?

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I am not a golfer, but I did get a hole-in-one at mini-golf once.

I used to think that watching golf was like watching paint dry. Until I had the opportunity to go to the US Open a few years ago. Then I was hooked. On watching.

Yesterday, realizing Tiger Woods was truly in the running for a momentous comeback, I dedicated 5 hours of my Sunday to the TV. 

For some strange reason, I got all teary when Bryson DeChambeau got a hole-in-one. Justin Thomas was icing on the cake. Clearly we are made of the same stuff.

Watching Tiger was spectacular, but so was the whole event. The back and forth struggle for first place. Multiple people tied at the top spots. I couldn’t turn away!

If DeChambeau made me teary, watching Tiger win made me sob. I couldn’t help it and I don’t think I was the only one.

But what made me even more proud was the genuine pleasure his competitors had for his success. What a testament to their character, to applaud your fiercest competition when you so badly wanted to win yourself.

We all want to win. And we should strive to.

But what would it do for us to applaud our competition? To really look at them and recognize their skill. Their hard work. Their efforts.

And the role they play in making us push ourselves to the top. 

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