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Luxury Apartment

I’m Sold!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Truth in advertising?

Luxury – Noun- The state of great comfort and extravagant living.

Every apartment is apparently a luxury apartment. Even when the building clearly looks like it should have been torn down 30 years ago.

To be fair, the building this sign is on doesn’t look dilapidated, but I wonder what luxuries are really inside.

It reminds me of my post a few weeks ago about hotels boasting “clean rooms,” as if that were a magical selling feature.

But neither message likely pulls in either the weary traveler nor the apartment hunter. So what does an ad have to say in order to catch our interest, and earn our belief?

7 years ago we sold our car. Instead of trying to sell it ourselves, we went to We Buy Any Car. (Note, if you don’t know about them, look them up to watch their ads. An ear-worm for a song and dancing guys in suits that will make you smile.)

But we wanted to believe their ad. Their message called to us and we were hopeful.

The process painless, fast and fair. Their service was true to their advertising messages in every way.

We are a cynical society. We want to believe, and often don’t. Sometimes with good reason.

The best companies, however, find the right message. And then they ensure that they deliver on the promise.

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