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My Other Car is Lyft

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: “Hi there. I’m a Lamborghini salesman.”

That was said to me by a man in Dallas 10 years ago while I tried to eat my dinner and read my book in peace. He was in town to deliver a Lamborghini to one of the Cowboys. 

I wonder if that pick-up line ever works for him.

When I saw this headline on a magazine yesterday, it brought back the memory and I literally laughed out loud.

We haven’t owned a car for 7 years. We have little need living in Philly. But when we have to buy a car again one day, I know it won’t be a Lamborghini. Not because they are pricey, as the tag line indicates, but because that one experience infected my view of the brand.

Every day we have brand interactions. Some good, some bad. But the reality is that the brand itself doesn’t impact us. The people who represent it do.

People have bad days, bad attitudes, or make bad business decisions. 

On the flip side, people can be bright rays of light, have fabulously positive attitudes and make amazing business decisions.

Who are you? Who are the people who work for/with you? Who are the people you work for?

Creating a culture of positive people can create profitable workplaces. People who care about the brand. And the future.

It takes work. And focus. But it pays off always.

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