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2019 Year of the Pig

The Year of the Pig

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: The pig tells me it’s time to reflect.

According to my in-depth investigations (aka, The Google), the Year of the Pig marks the end of the 12 year rotation in the Chinese Zodiac. This is a year for us to relax and enjoy positive energy, release toxic relationships, and be careful with our money.

Sounds like sage advice, no matter the year.

I used to read my horoscope every day, not so much because I believed it but because I enjoyed the generic salesmanship of it. 

Horoscopes give us guidelines for living a positive life and hope that our efforts will pay off. They remind us to surround ourselves with quality people, encourage us to make wise financial moves, and prompt us to keep our hearts open to love. 

I have 7 fortunes from fortune cookies taped to my wall near my desk, and one I have had for over 25 years. Each was perfectly timed for a momentous event in my life. 

“Listening well is as essential to all true conversations as talking well.” I received this one the day I started writing my book “Tell Me More.”

As I reflect on my life, I am thankful for my challenges. There have been many blessings, but none more so than the things that pushed my comfort zone.

I’m ready for a new challenge. I better order Chinese food for dinner.

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