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Be Kind to One Another

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Let kindness reign. This morning I came upon a older man on the ground, his dog licking his face and a woman calling the police. Moments earlier a man had attacked him for no reason, punched him in the face and shoved him violently to the ground. The woman had seen the attack and rushed to his aid. By the time another man and I reached the group, we were gathering concerned and helpful people all around. It took about 10 mins to get police and an ambulance. The man clearly had a severe concussion, having difficulty remembering his name, the names of his dog and wife, or where he lived. He was bleeding and scared. With the police in charge, the 3 of us smiled, shook hands, asked names, wished each other well, and went on our ways, each disturbed by the pain of this man and the senselessness of the violence. A few days ago I found this bouquet stuck in a planter on a city street. The beauty of it made me smile even while I wondered why it was there. As I think of all the people who stopped to help a man they didn’t know, I choose to focus only on the power of kindness. I don’t know why this horror occurred. I am simply thankful for the beauty of people who care.

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