Shock Your Potential



Jack and the Beanstalk?

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: You reap what you sow.

I know that it is only a date on a calendar, but the first day of Spring fills me with joyful glee and anticipation for my little urban garden. My first attempt at garlic seems to be off to a good start!

I recently met 3 new people, and in each case I have been overwhelmingly impressed by their enthusiasm to network and connect. Cassandra Hayes has an amazing playful spirit (plus her ringtone is the Sunday Morning theme song). Terri-Ann Feindt shared a story of a horrible start to her day which she turned around with grace and laughter. And Matthew Hartel proved to me that the art of introducing oneself is not lost in our new virtual world.

3 different people, 3 examples of personal and professional merging. Kindness and personality reap positivity in return.

I recently overheard 3 men at a lunch meeting. 2 arrived first and were sharing a story of a frustrating co-worker, congenial with laughter and eye rolling.

When the 3rd arrived, he jumped into the topic with extreme emotion. The other 2 began to feed into him, and soon all were angry. It was like a fast-acting poison or a spark that became a wild fire.

Our words and emotions have power. They are seeds for us, and for those around us. 

What are you planting?

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