Shock Your Potential


Cards 1

You’ve Got the Know When to Fold ‘Em

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: You can only play with the cards you are dealt. Unless you cheat.

Why does the word make us nervous? Cheating doesn’t always have to be a negative.

Some people cheat death. You can have a diet cheat day. And you can change the rules or game for some things in life if you are willing (aka cheat).

I have been having a slew of career conversations with people lately. It much be the Spring weather getting people excited to be mobile again.

But a common theme I have been hearing involve things like “my company only promotes people with more tenure than me” and “I think I’ve gone as far as I can go with this company.”

I want to know why these people are playing Pinochle when they can change the game to Hearts.

Unless you are CEO, how can there be no place else for you to go? Unless you have worked at the company for only 5 minutes, how can you be certain you aren’t worthy of promotion?

We tend to give ourselves limits, either from a myopic view or from fear. And those limits give us a sense of security. They allow us to keep from failing by the simple lack of action.

What can we achieve when we break these limits down? When we are solution-driven? When we reach for our potential?

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