Shock Your Potential



The Safety Dance

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: What trade secrets do we lock up tight?

I was talking today to someone who used to work for me. It is always good to catch up with him and talk about the joys and challenges of leadership. 

He was talking about how important it is to get to know your peers. Your peers can offer advice, share strategies, and allow for creative brainstorming. They can help you reach new heights.

Yet many people shy away from the positives of peer networking fearing giving away their secrets. Worse yet, some only use the peer relationships for commiseration of the “faults” of their company. This is never productive.

When was the last time a peer gave you help, guidance, or support without asking anything in return? Who didn’t fear you would use this new knowledge to “beat” them, but rather simply wanted to support a fellow colleague.

Hoarding knowledge takes a toll. It causes fear, doubt, jealousy, suspicion. Emotions that erode you from the inside out. That chip away at your confidence. That isolate you.

I saw this last week in a dilapidated garage. I don’t know what happened, or whether what was inside was kept safe. 

Today, let down your guard. Give away a secret. Make a difference in the career of a peer.

And see what kind of treasure that brings you.

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