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The Art of Nurturing the Customer

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I emailed the customer again last week and still no response!

A frustrated sales rep said this to me.

Me: When was the last time you talked to her?

Her: I email her once a month at least, and she never responds.

Me: When did you speak last?

Her: She responded to my email a couple of months ago saying she was interested, but since then, nothing!

Me: When did you SPEAK to her last?

Her: (confused look)

Me: When was the last time you called her or saw her in-person and actually SPOKE to her?

Her: I never have. We have only emailed. 

You can obviously see the problem. She did too, eventually and we had a great dialogue about pursuing, nurturing and keeping customers.

Don’t get me wrong. I love(hate) email too. But it can never take place of a truly personal interaction.

In December I shared a pic of a fun gift from a conference I am speaking at in May in ATL. I received heart socks and a yummy cinnamon chocolate bar at Valentines Day. This came yesterday.

I am both customer and supplier to this group. Through email, calls, video chats and gifts, they keep themselves top of mind and prove their dedication to professionalism and my interaction.

Make that call today. Make it personal.  Stand out among the emails. 

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