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And in the Morning…

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I must be craving carbs.

I wrote about pancakes on Monday, and waffles today. My attempt at a Keto diet is clearly catching up with me.

Whenever I get on the plane anywhere in the South I start dreaming of breakfast. I can never decide if my hash browns should be smothered, covered, chunked, diced, peppered, capped, country, or all the way. Although I haven’t been brave enough for the last one yet.

In the Waffle House in Naples, FL you will see a parking lot filled with pickups, generic rental cars, Cadillac’s, and very expensive sports cars. No one is immune to the charm.

Is it the food? Yes. Is it the service? Yes, but in a strange way. Is it the ambiance? No. So what is it?

There is something wonderful about comfort food that tastes like your grandmother made it.

The recipe for their business is simple, like the food. Simple and limited in scope, they can perfect what they do. They don’t overcomplicate anything that could affect the relationship with the customer.

Know what you do best, and do it to the best of your ability. Something I try to remind myself and my clients often.

One thing I know for sure. Thank goodness I don’t have a Waffle House near me. Keto wouldn’t stand a chance.

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