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The Sky’s NOT the Limit!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: What would it be like to see yourself on the cover of a magazine?

I was pleasantly surprised to see Michael Strahan on the cover of February’s Delta’s Sky magazine. Having the honor of meeting him a few times, he is an absolutely lovely person.

Reading the article, I was pleased to see that his current path match the concepts in my Shock Your Potential program. Reaching our own potential requires several key strategies, habits and mindsets, and Michael Strahan exemplifies them all.

A few quotes from the article stuck out:

 “…he still compulsively hones his body, working out at least five times a week.”

He has “…enormous curiosity.”

“I have to schedule my mental capacity to handle what I need to know when I need to know it.”

The article tells more about his earlier insecurities, and it shocked me to learn that “…he didn’t even play organized football until he was 17.”

But despite his amazing successes with the NY Giants, he is now achieving potential that he probably never imagined. Pretty good for Act Two!

We all have untapped potential in us. The question isn’t “IF” it can come out, but rather whether or not we want to unleash it. Do we hold it back or do we chase it with abandon? 

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