Shock Your Potential



Rainbows and Unicorns and Potential

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I never have any fun.

Almost 4 years ago navy blue became my gateway drug to fun hair colors. It was a very stressful time and I felt many things were out of my control.

As my hairstylist and I contemplated various shades of blond, I said, “Let’s put some navy blue in my hair.” She thought I was kidding. I thought I was kidding. We did it anyway, and I’ve never turned back.

I have always been a serious business person, focused on leadership, sales and customer experiences. My earlier career wardrobe consisted of black, brown and beige.

Yet I have been known to break into song and dance in the middle of a training session, and am always ready with a story about my own mistakes to help illustrate a point.

My wardrobe is now a rainbow. My hair colors shock people. I’ve come a long way.

SHOCK became my business platform and which will be my third book later this year. I believe each of us can SHOCK our own potential, not by hair color, but by unleashing yourself.

As I begin a series of “Shock Your Potential” workshops this Spring, I must continue to up my own game. Operate at my highest levels. Reach beyond my comfort zones. Go beyond the navy blue.

What will you do today to reach your potential?

Find out about my Spring 2019 lineup:

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