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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Clean Rooms!

On a road trip through my home state, we saw no less than 10 motel signs boasting clean rooms. 

Really? Is that the best you have to offer? I’d rather have pancakes, thank you.

Trying to use up some random hotel points for a free night we ended at a Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Pullman, WA.  A bitterly cold night, a warm welcome, free milk and cookies at 8pm. What more could a girl want?

At breakfast I began to rummage for food that meets my strange meal requirements. Until I found this.

A conveyor belt of pancake glory. AI for my breakfast needs. A reason to pass up the healthy oatmeal. And because I like to believe in truth in advertising, I had to time it.

They lied. My “pancake in a minute” took 1:09.

I suppose I can live with that.

If I would have seen a sign outside that read “Amazing Pancake Machine inside!” I might have pulled right over! A clean room is expected. This contraption was not.

I wonder about the marketing messages we send. Do we really look at them through the eyes of the customer? Do we change when times change? Or do we keep running the same message because it brings in the same customers? Safety in the routine.

Or can we mix it up? With syrup and a timer. 

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