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Flushing Profits or Targeted Marketing?

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: The Asian continent is passionate about toilets.

A few years ago my hubby traveled to South Korea, China and Japan on business. I got a picture of the toilet from every hotel room. He’s back in South Korea again, so guess what pic I got after he landed?

Don’t worry. He isn’t obsessed with toilets. He is amazed at the extra costs these hotels embrace to ensure their guests have an enjoyable bathroom experience. These things aren’t cheap!

Controlling costs is essential in any business, but I often wonder about the levels we go to in order to save a buck. And as consumers, we often don’t even think about it anymore. We are used to the cuts.

No blankets on planes. One napkin per bag at McDonalds. No more tiny bottles of shampoo in hotels. (Although that one is good for reducing plastic, so I can’t fault it)

On the flip side, I’ve seen great examples of small investments into customer experiences that reap huge rewards. Surprise appetizers. Hand written notes. Free socks with shoe purchase.

We can make a big impact with little cost when we make it a priority. We can make little impact with big cost when we aren’t looking.

And we can make a big impact with big cost if we choose. With just the right temp and pressure.

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