Shock Your Potential



I See A Lot of Rule-Breakers….

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: The first one to pick up the phone buys dinner.

I have a hard time not eavesdropping when a great opportunity presents itself. Three people sat next to us.  A stack of phones sat upside down in the center of the table.

At an agreed moment, they all grabbed their phones to solve an argument. Two of them put down their phones upon completion, and one was swept back into the depths of tech.

Friend One told him to put it down. She was ignored. Friend Two said “So you’re buying dinner then?” He was ignored.

Friend One: “Seriously? We have a deal. Why are you breaking it?” Rule-Breaker looked up and said “I’m almost done.”

Friend One proceeded to get upset. Rule-Breaker snapped back. Friend Two: “So, how about those Dolphins?” 

I would have thought him too young for the reference.

Eventually Rule-Breaker put down his phone. When he went to the rest room I asked to take a pic of their phones and apologized for eavesdropping.

Note: I wasn’t really sorry.

We discussed their desire to make physical presence more important than tech. To really talk, and listen.

I asked why the phones were placed on the table instead of just away.

“It’s too easy to cheat.”

What beautiful honesty.

And unwavering commitment to personal connections.

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