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Sign Broken

Over the River and Through the Woods…..

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Have you ever driven to work only to find out you don’t remember the drive?

As a child I could tell you how to get to my grandmother’s house, way across town. Down the hill. Right at the fire station. Left at the brick house with the green door. You get the idea.

I could get from one place to the next. Follow the routine. As long as we always went the same way.

A couple of weeks ago I began to wonder about my business routines. Which were helping, and which were simply habit?

The path I am on is a good one, don’t get me wrong. And part of my daily routine is critical to achieve my goals.

But my pattern was also keeping me from some other vantagepoints that could be just as important. Other critical signs.

So I decided to skip the pattern for a couple of weeks. Stop writing this blog for 2 weeks. Stop putting out podcasts for a few weeks. Stop the insanity of trying to take a short vacation while doubling up on work. For a week. Take stock.

This morning, back to the routine of my morning walk, I came across this mangled mess. It couldn’t have been more clear.

Be mindful of my patterns and my routines. Use them effectively for the big picture.

But don’t get so lost in them that you fail to see the signs that should keep you from crashing.

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