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I Want a Snow Day!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: What does this pic bring to mind?

Fun. Snow days. Friends. Freedom.

Snow came to Philly this weekend, and Sunday I came across three kids busily creating snowballs that, due to the water content and the rapidly plummeting temps, would soon become ice-balls.

I’m not going to lie. I immediately started to channel the mother from A Christmas Story, worried they would lose an eye.

But I digress.

I asked them if I could take a picture of their snowballs, which made them all very happy for some strange reason. But right before I snapped the pic, one of the girls, clearly the de facto leader, moved two of the balls so that they made this design.

I said “Looks like you like order!” She smiled and said “Yes I do!” She seemed overwhelmingly pleased that I noticed and praised her.

It wasn’t until later I looked closer at the pic to see the actual mathematical and structural precision.

5 small snowballs. 6 medium snowballs. 7 large snowballs.

She had structure in mind while she played. She had a vision that she wanted brought to life. And she was willing to organize the fun to include her plans.

Can work be fun? Can fun be work? Can we find the beauty in how they both can intersect?

Even more, can we appreciate the leader that makes it happen?

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