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Be Great

Triple Word Score!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Last month I had an idea…

I know. It doesn’t happen often. Don’t remind me. Need more coffee.

But as I settled into enjoy a long holiday season, I kept thinking about all the incredible small business owners I know. People who are working their tails off, but still struggling to take their businesses to the next level.

One such person is Thomas C Knox whom I met last year. Because of his bowtie.

While on my morning walk one bitterly cold day I saw a man approaching with the most engaging tie. It said GREAT.

Being the shy person I am, I of course stopped him. I learned that he had a company called Be Great Bowties.

I interviewed him on my podcast. I bought a tie for my hubby (who asked for it to say SMILE). And I have kept in touch, watching he and his business grow.

We met up yesterday so that I could pick up the newest ties I ordered. I haven’t worn a bowtie since I was in a quartet in high school, but these are just for me. I am so proud of his vision.

I asked you to help me support his business. A small purchase to most of us, but significant to a growing company. Thank you so much to those who took my challenge! He is feeling the love.

5 letters to make a statement. And each tie definitely earns a triple-word score.

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